About Nicole

Hi, I'm Nicole! I'm a professional athlete, 2-time Olympian for Canada, and a coach. I love getting fit (and being fit!), cooking, traveling, and also relaxing at home with my husband. I got into track because I was terrible at all other sports, and running quickly became part of who I am.

 Nicole Sifuentes and her husband, Antonio

Nicole Sifuentes and her husband, Antonio

About me

I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and graduated high school at Vincent Massey Collegiate. I moved to Ann Arbor, MI to attend the University of Michigan on an athletic scholarship. I graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. After university I continued running while working part-time at an engineering firm, eventually moving on to become a full-time athlete. After 4 years spent focusing solely on my track career, I was offered the incredible opportunity to volunteer coach at my alma mater, and am now in my second year as a volunteer assistant coach at Michigan.

My parents raised me in a Christian home, but it was in Ann Arbor where my faith truly became my own and I learned to love Jesus. I found my second love at Michigan too! My husband Antonio and I met in class and now he is my best friend and my #1 fan. We affectionately refer to ourselves as "Team Sifuentes" and to the Lord as our team captain :) 

About my blog

I started my blog when I found myself happier than ever before. In 2014 I started working with a sports psychologist, hoping to improve my racing performance by learning to build confidence and deal with nerves. However, the results of developing a new mentality as an athlete began to extend far beyond the track and changed me as a person. Long after hanging up my spikes, I will still have the treasure of loving the woman in the mirror. 

Many athletes write blogs, and that prompted me to consider blogging years ago. But I never felt capable of writing something interesting, unique or good enough to share. The existence of this blog is proof that I have gained the confidence to view my own thoughts as worth sharing. I'm still a work in progress. and still have days filled with uncertainty, negativity, and when I fall back into a pit of doubt. But in my everyday, routine, day-to-day life, I feel a light inside me that's wasn't there before. 

Awards & Records

  • 2016 Olympic Semi-Finalist, Rio
  • 2015 Pan Am Games Silver Medallist
  • 2015 Canadian Champion, 1500m and 5000m
  • 2014 World Indoor Championships Bronze Medallist
  • 2012 Olympic Semi-Finalist, London
  • Canadian National Record Holder, Indoor 1500m 
  • 12-time All-American, University of Michigan
  • 4:03.97 1500m 
  • 4:07.61 1500m indoor CR
  • 2:01.30 800m 
  • 15:19.15 5000m