The Final Countdown

There are less than 2 weeks now until Round 1 of the women's 1500m at the 2016 Olympics! Aside from my usual blogging, I want to share some of the details and the key players involved in my path to the startline on August 12th. I'll post daily updates on this page until the start of my competition in Rio, so if you're curious about anything along the way feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

Even though I'm the one who will race in the Olympic stadium, the people involved behind the scenes - who support me, guide me and push me to be better - are truly incredible. Hopefully through this series of posts I can give credit where credit is due, as well as shed some light on the kind of training that has made me an Olympian! 

 My stomping grounds: the University of Michigan Ferry Field

My stomping grounds: the University of Michigan Ferry Field

T-12 days: July 31, 2016

Today I closed out my last full week of training at home with my FINAL long run of the season! Here is a summary of last week's training. 

Mon Jul 25:
AM- segmented tempo, off-track with Amanda Eccleston & Shannon Osika
[2km/ 1km/ 1km/ 2km, 60-90" rests] & lift session with Coach Bo Sandoval

Tue Jul 26:
AM- track session with Amanda, Shannon & Brook Handler, and Coach Mike McGuire
[150m/ 200m/ 400m/ 800m/ 400m/ 200m/ 150m] & pool shakeout & ice tub
PM- 3 mile jog with Tony Sifuentes

Wed Jul 27:
AM- easy 6 mile run, solo
PM- training room evaluation with Mike Hickey & 60min massage with Chris Yee

Thu Jul 28:
AM- 6 mile run, solo
PM- shakeout run & strides on the road outside my house

Fri Jul 29:
AM- track session with Shannon and Coach Mike McGuire
[6x 150m sprints, full rests] & lift session with Coach Bo Sandoval & ice tub
PM- 3 mile jog with Tony

Sat Jul 30:
AM- 18 minute jog, solo
PM- easy 4 mile run, with Tony on the bike beside me

Sun Jul 31:
AM- 12 mile long run, 6 miles with Tony & finished up solo

This was a really solid week of training- we hit all energy systems with the tempo, fast ladder and max intensity 150's. By the end of the training week, the last few miles of long run were a real grind! Overall this week gives me confidence that my current fitness is great and I look forward to next week which will certainly be a bit easier.